Chikamasa B-500SRF Curved Blade Sap Resistant Garden Scissors


Chikamasa B-500SRF Curved Blade Sap Resistant Garden Scissors are the highest quality garden scissors available in the agriculture or horticulture industry. Perfect for trimming, harvest, pruning, and bonsai. Trim longer, faster and more accurately. The company’s blockbuster B-500 series, which includes a fluorine coated stainless steel blade, is specifically curved maximize control and precision.

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  • Blade Type: Curved
  • Blade Material: Stainless steel
  • Blade Coating: Fluorine
  • Total Length: 155mm
  • Blade Length: 35mm
  • Grip: ABS
  • Made in Japan

Gardeners across the globe choose Chikamasa B-500SRF Curved Blade Sap Resistant Garden Scissors. Trimmers from Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Humboldt County California select the brand that will stand the test of time with long lasting quality and craftsmanship. Chikamasa B-500SR Curved Blade Garden Scissors are custom designed for the specialty garden industry. Market tested and designed for gardeners with an attention for detail and comfort. The B500SRF model is specially designed with a curved blade to maximize control, precision, and the ability to reach hard to manage places. It features a rounded outer blade to minimize knicks and damage to areas of the plant that you don’t want to cut. The B500SRF Chikamasa scissor is made with high quality Japanese stainless steel that is long lasting and resistant to corrosion…a must have scissor!

Blade Type

Curved, Fluorine Coating

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