CHIKAMASA CS-T6 Slim Holster Scissors Case


The Chikamasa TP-500SR Curved Blade Stainless Steel Shears comes with custom flexible stainless steel spring for hand ease and the much coveted curved blade. The steel core handles with an ergonomical grip made from soft resin, make for a natural movement of hands and fingers.

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Case For The World’s Best Trimming Scissor

Everybody loves their Chikamasa scissors! Why not protect your investment? The CHIKAMASA CS-T6 Slim Holster Scissors Case makes it convenient for storing and carrying your scissors. The CHIKAMASA CS-T6 Slim Holster Scissors Case is narrow, red, stands out, has a handy carabiner clip for your belt.


  • Front : Polyester
  • Bottom: PE
  • Comes With Carabiner
  • Slim Model

Compatible scissors:

  • S-200
  • S-201
  • S-221
  • S-600
  • T-500
  • T-500S
  • T-550
  • T-550S
  • T-600
  • T-700
  • T-600EX
  • T -501
  • T-551
  • T-570
  • T-550MX
  • T-601
  • T-601K
  • T-701
  • FE-6C
  • E-6C

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Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions11.5 × 6 × 2 in
Blade Type

Straight, Stainless Steel

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